Upgrade your Sex Appeal, Rebrand Yourself,
and Take your dating game to the next level

Now Accepting Private Client Applications For An
Exclusive 8-Week Coaching Program

Hey, I’m Kamilla and I want to help you get over your dating obstacles, maximize your attraction, and personally guide you to be more successful with women.

This coaching program is customized to fix your dating and romantic life whether you’re:

  • Single, lonely, and ready to meet the right girl or more women in general

  • Recently divorced or widowed and need help getting back into the dating scene

  • Tired of never having women give you attention or reciprocate affection towards you

  • Short and sick of having your height keep your confidence down

  • Always getting friend-zoned or rejected by women that you want a relationship with

  • Fat and don't want to repel women because of your weight and are ready to become the best version of yourself

  • A high-quality guy who keeps getting ghosted after the first date

  • In a relationship that needs the passion to be reignited or salvaged

How Does This 8-Week Program Work?

Intro Call:

Upon signing up, you'll receive an introductory email with a questionnaire. We'll set up a video call and go over your biggest obstacles with dating and women. Within three days from the call, you'll have a completely customized action plan that will be implemented during the 8-week coaching period.

Direct Access:

During our time together, you'll have direct texting access to me throughout the day. We will meet weekly on zoom to make sure you're staying on top of the coaching program. You'll get at least eight one hour one-on-one coaching calls with me.

Style and Image Consulting:

I'll examine your current wardrobe and help you build a style strategy in whatever way works best for your needs. You'll virtually meet with a certified personal trainer for diet and workout regimen tailor made for your most pressing needs.

Dating Profile Overhaul:

I'll audit your dating profiles and help you create new bios on multiple platforms. Additionally, we’ll pick out the best photos that will maximize your results. Finally, I'll go through profiles with you and guide you on how to DM women and take the convo from the digital space to real life.

Social Life Overhaul:

Based on your location, we'll find you events, venues, and organizations that you can join to begin expanding your network. Networking is crucial.

Social Media Rebrand:

Facebook and Instagram are legitimate platforms for meeting more women. We'll refine and retune your current profiles to convey that you're a high quality man. I'll guide you on how to DM women using these platforms to set up dates.

Rewire Your Mindset:

We'll upgrade your approach and reaction to life's obstacles. You'll be introduced to techniques and exercises that will help you perceive challenges in a whole new way.


  • Develop your confidence and increase your self-image and self-esteem.

  • Boost your productivity by teaching you how to create habits and systems.

  • Put a stop to your laziness with a methodology on how to get more things done.

  • Overcome social anxiety and teach you how to get over your fear of rejection.

  • Help you rediscover your masculinity and guide you to have a more alpha mindset.

  • Get back an ex or getting over her.

  • Become more socially aware, approachable, and likeable.

  • Level up your fashion, style, and grooming.

  • Improve your first impression skills and overall body language.

If you're ready to become a
brand new you, click the "sign up" button below.